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Daisy Jones & the Six A Novel PDF

Download Daisy Jones & the Six A Novel PDF

This is one for music fans everywhere from Taylor Jenkins Reid, a multilayered fictional documentary of a fictional legendary rock band set in the music scene of California and LA in the 1960s and 1970s. This is to be turned into a TV series on Amazon by Reece Witherspoon, and I must add that though the accounts given in the narrative are pure fiction, it nevertheless feels atmospherically real in its echoes of actual bands from this era, say perhaps the likes of Fleetwood Mac. Billy Dunne is the leading light of an up and coming band The Six, going off the rails with his wild behaviour when he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant.

The young, beautiful, captivating and unapologetic Daisy Jones has oodles of musical talent and a distinctive voice which gains an army of admirers. Daisy Jones and The Six join forces that results in an explosive emotional roller coaster of a ride that consolidates their near mythical musical status in musical history. The rise and fall of the band is voiced through the differing perspectives of the band and those close to and around them.

Much of the narrative is delivered through the form of interviews and it becomes clear that not everyone has the same memories of events with their different perspectives.

I came to appreciate the superb complicated characterisation and the relationships, with the flawed, destructive and damaged characters, so very vulnerable, feeling spine tingling real in their authenticity. Reid provides insights and observations of love, loss, cheating, drug addiction, heartbreak, passion and fraught times intermingle with the creative musical inspiration and spellbinding performances.

This is an intelligent evocation of this specific period in time and place, the music and an unforgettable rock group of its time. It is an absolute treat to read, I loved the songs and lyrics within it and I have no doubt that this book will prove to be highly successful. Looking forward to the TV series of this.

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Download Daisy Jones & the Six A Novel PDF

When All Is Said Anne Griffin PDF

When All Is Said Anne Griffin PDF
Download When All Is Said Anne Griffin PDF

This is an exceptional, undeniably Irish, debut from Anne Griffin, the prose is effortlessly engaging and it is simultaneously heartbreaking and life affirming as we get intimately acquainted with the life and times of 84 year old Maurice Hannigan. Hannigan has packed up his life, leaving no loose threads prior to booking the most exclusive suite at the Rainsford House Hotel. Early on, we cotton on to how the night will end, but before that, Maurice settles in for an evening at the hotel bar to raise a toast for the five most important loves of his life. They are Tony, his brother, Molly, his daughter, Noreen or Auntie No-no, his son, Kevin, who emigrated to New Jersey, USA, becoming a notable journalist, and lastly, but of the most vital importance, his wife, Sadie.

As Maurice reminisces, we become aware of just how close his bond with Tony is, of how school became a tortuous experience as he became convinced of just how stupid he is. He leaves at 10 years old to work, like his mother, for the local rich family, the Dollards, where he undergoes a plethora of the most unhappiest of experiences that are to leave him scarred for life and shape him to be the most unforgiving of men. The scales shift as through the years the Dollard fortunes drop substantially whilst Maurice becomes a astute entrepreneurial farmer, buying up the land around his farm, becoming financially secure and wealthy. He falls for Sadie hook, line and sinker, and to his surprise and joy, she returns his love. Sadie’s sister, Noreen, is fiercely drawn to the sparkle, and she will go to any lengths to acquire it when she sees it, not afraid of making a fuss in public. Kevin makes a ritual of providing his father with rare whiskies. To Maurice’s eternal regret, he has not been an expressive man, he has never been able to articulate the depth of his love to those nearest and dearest. It becomes transparently clear that loneliness has seeped into Maurice’s heart and soul.

Anne Griffin has written a touchingly profound and moving novel, of the oh so very human Maurice, his joys and tragedies, the ghosts who have been there in his life, and his concerns that the one ghost he really wants to see has proved to be elusive. Maurice is a character you cannot help but get emotionally invested in, despite his obsession for business and making money, which, of course, left him open to missing the opportunities to be with his loved ones when they may have needed him. This novel hones in what is important in life, family, friends and love. Maurice is not infallible, he had a drive for vengeance, not always aware of the consequences of his actions but I loved and adored him. This is a brilliantly enthralling story of Maurice, of his dyslexia, his family, heartbreak, and the Ireland he lives through. Hugely recommended.

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Download When All Is Said Anne Griffin PDF
Queen of Air and Darkness PDF
Queen of Air and Darkness PDF

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“There was blood on the Council dais, blood on the steps, blood on the walls and the floor and the shattered remnants of the Mortal Sword.”

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Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House PDF

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Michael Wolff has given us a drone’s (dragon’s?) eye view of the competing centers vying to be the power behind the throne, with some looking, in the longer term, at carving paths for their own succession to the highest position in the realm. [continue reading…]

Factfulness Hans Rosling PDF

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Book Reviews:

I talk about the developed and developing world all the time, but I shouldn’t.

My late friend Hans Rosling called the labels “outdated” and “meaningless.” Any categorization that lumps together China and the Democratic Republic of Congo is too broad to be useful. But I’ve continued to use “developed” and “developing” in public (and on this blog) because there wasn’t a more accurate, easily understandable alternative—until now. [continue reading…]

The Hazel Wood Melissa Albert PDF

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“Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.”

You know those Disney princess fairytales, the ones where the damsel in distress is saved by Prince Charming and they get married and live happily ever after? [continue reading…]

12 Rules for Life An Antidote to Chaos PDF

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Jordan Peterson may be the only clinical psychologist who believes that psychology is subordinate to philosophy and the one thing that psychology and philosophy both genuflect before is story. Story, or myth, predates religion and is, in fact, as old as language itself. [continue reading…]

The Tattooist of Auschwitz PDF

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I’ll never hear Yiddish again….

I’ll never go to the German Consulate with her again… [continue reading…]

Still Me Jojo Moyes PDF

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Book Reviews:



So, Hallelujah! I finally finished this book, I’ve been so busy lately and had so little time left for reading but I did it!

Do I think we needed a third book? Honestly, no. Am I glad we go a third book? ABSOLUTELY. [continue reading…]

The Wife Between Us PDF

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All the stars!!

It was the cover that first caught my eye. I loved it. And after reading the description for this novel, I couldn’t wait to read it. [continue reading…]