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Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones & the Six A Novel PDF

Download Daisy Jones & the Six A Novel PDF

This is one for music fans everywhere from Taylor Jenkins Reid, a multilayered fictional documentary of a fictional legendary rock band set in the music scene of California and LA in the 1960s and 1970s. This is to be turned into a TV series on Amazon by Reece Witherspoon, and I must add that though the accounts given in the narrative are pure fiction, it nevertheless feels atmospherically real in its echoes of actual bands from this era, say perhaps the likes of Fleetwood Mac. Billy Dunne is the leading light of an up and coming band The Six, going off the rails with his wild behaviour when he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant.

The young, beautiful, captivating and unapologetic Daisy Jones has oodles of musical talent and a distinctive voice which gains an army of admirers. Daisy Jones and The Six join forces that results in an explosive emotional roller coaster of a ride that consolidates their near mythical musical status in musical history. The rise and fall of the band is voiced through the differing perspectives of the band and those close to and around them.

Much of the narrative is delivered through the form of interviews and it becomes clear that not everyone has the same memories of events with their different perspectives.

I came to appreciate the superb complicated characterisation and the relationships, with the flawed, destructive and damaged characters, so very vulnerable, feeling spine tingling real in their authenticity. Reid provides insights and observations of love, loss, cheating, drug addiction, heartbreak, passion and fraught times intermingle with the creative musical inspiration and spellbinding performances.

This is an intelligent evocation of this specific period in time and place, the music and an unforgettable rock group of its time. It is an absolute treat to read, I loved the songs and lyrics within it and I have no doubt that this book will prove to be highly successful. Looking forward to the TV series of this.

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Download Daisy Jones & the Six A Novel PDF