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Feversong (Fever #9) by Karen Marie Moning

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This may be a long and rambling review. I think it’s time I was honest with myself and admitted that the true magic of this series ended with Shadowfever. The books that followed that, Iced, Burned, and Feverborn were not bad, but there was something missed that was never recaptured. And it’s definitely not rekindled here.

While I didn’t hate Feversong, it was somewhat disappointing. I won’t spoil anything, and unless you haven’t read up to this point yet, you’ll know the main unresolved story continues here. The black holes are destroying Earth and the Sinsar Dubh is loose and the Big Battle with Mac is on.

The problem is, those plots are kind of boring. Sigh. The fun in the series for me was the chase. Looking for the Sinsar Dubh, running from it, and the relationships that evolved based on it. To actually have POVs and a third of the book dedicated the the actual Sinsar Dubh… well, it sucked. In my view.

The Sinsar Dubh is a one trick pony. It is nonredeemable and can not be healed or change. So it’s all repetitive and serious. That was about the first 35% of the book. It read very sluggishly and chore-like (sorry but just being honest).

Then, finally, the plot moves forward and we go into other unresolved areas. Unfortunately, by this time, I didn’t even care for the nostalgic scenes with Mac’s family.

Dani/Jada was the best part. She finally is more or less back to herself, but without the fecks and dudes. Mature. Badass. I really loved her in this. It was the highlight.

The last third of the book was the black holes and that just wasn’t interesting either. Dancer is back. Barrons is in this a lot. Ryodan is not the douche he previously was. We see the whys and glimpses of what was really happening, not just with him, but several characters. Cruce is also a pretty big part of this, but it’s hard to find any sympathy for someone who did what he did.

The Seelie Queen had several POVs that were, well, boring. I would have preferred to hear more about the Unseelie Princess and the Papa Roach guy, but those potential plots from previous books were basically nonexistent.

Mac and Barrons mature in their relationship, but all the passion and sexy times were fade to black and incredibly brief. I mean, this series has never been smutty, but with each book, the steaminess has fizzled more and more until now you’re like, is this a young adult book or what? Maybe KMM is just moving away from that and that is fine. I just missed it. Cuz, you know, Barrons and all. 😀

I didn’t find any character annoying, but there was a sense of emotion that was missing for me (well, until nearly the end). This definitely read like a continuation of Burned and Feverborn.

I’m starting to wonder if KMM really was influenced and changed her original plan because something happened and just never felt fluid again with this series (and I did not hate Iced at all). I kind of wish it had ended with Shadowfever and then she had just continued writing about the other characters, which it appears is what might happen now.

The story is open-ended and actually feels unfinished and I believe she is contracted for more. I think it is DEFINITELY time to try something else. I would be interested in reading more about Dani, Ryodan, the other Nine, Christian and Dageus, and the new world for both humans and fae.

I felt like so much more page time could have been spent investigating other plot threads, but instead, it was mainly focused on uninteresting things like never-ending inner dialogues and characters pondering boring topics. Hardly any action and not one single nail-biting scene. I was skimming, not because it was so good, but because I just wanted it to be over. :/ Sad.

It wasn’t an “epic conclusion” but maybe my expectations were too high. This is not a “bad” book and I’ve read way worse endings (cough Sookie Stackhouse cough), but it could have been better, in my view.

And this book felt *really* long. I’m disappointed but not angry.

Oh, one thing I saw mentioned in my friend Ferdy’s review that reminded me… there have been how many books and only ONE YEAR has passed? WTH?! And there are pop culture references from Game of Thrones, among others, so this makes no sense as Darkfever was in 2006.

Buddy read with the Machalo group.

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