L’Keva lost 56 pounds

Update Feb 2021: L’Keva shared her transformation story with us back in February 2017 after losing 56 pounds. She has worked hard to keep the weight since then. She credits intermittent fasting and drinking water as being key factors in her success. 

L'Keva before and after

Four years ago, I made a complete change in my life. BWLW featured me in 2017. To date, I have kept all 50+ pounds off. My biggest ally has been intermittent fasting and drinking water. I didn’t gain any Covid weight, thank God! During my initial weight loss phase in 2016, I felt like my curves were gone, so I changed my workout routine. 

To those who don’t think they can do intermittent fasting, I say take it one day at a time. Start with a few hours each day and work your way up to 12 hours. I eat breakfast and fast for 12 hours and have a sensible dinner. That works best for me. For people who don’t like eating breakfast, you can fast in the evening and most of the morning. Both ways work. 

The advice I have for people who want to lose weight is to start with small goals. People often start a weight loss plan with big goals in mind. I say, take it 5 pounds at a time. Good luck to everyone in the battle to live a healthier lifestyle!

February 17 2017 – Transfomation of the Day: L’Keva lost 56 pounds. This proud mom of three tried to lose weight over the years, but nothing led to lasting results. Some of her friends had success with a local weight loss and exercise program, so she decided to give it a try. Focusing clean eating and exercise, she got the results she’d been looking for. Check out her story.


Hello, my name is L’Keva, and I’m married with three children. My weight loss journey has had its ups and downs over many years. I’ve never been able to keep weight off after I’ve lost it, until now! Although I have three children, I’ve never blamed my weight gain on having children. I loved junk food, and it loved my hips and thighs! I was so unhappy with shopping and having to try on clothes! I decided I no longer wanted to have to shop at specialty stores! I have arthritis in both knees, and my weight was causing so many problems.

In April 2016, I made up my mind to lose the weight and keep it off! After watching a few friends complete a weight loss challenge, I decided to try the program. I joined the weight loss and exercise program called The Camp Transformation Center. I’m 5’10,” and at the start of the challenge, I weighed 232 pounds. I hated being referred to as an Amazon.

It took me approximately six months to lose the weight! The program consisted of exercising five times per week and eating clean. The exercises were a combination of cardio and weight lifting in a circuit with a trainer. My diet consisted of fish, turkey, and chicken, lean meat, and mostly green vegetables. No junk food! Eating every 2-3 hours and drinking a gallon of water a day was the key to my success. Drinking water is so crucial to positive results with weight loss!

Once I started the program, I fully committed, and I never really had days where I felt like giving up because I saw progress instantly. I had fibroid surgery and couldn’t exercise for a while in August, but I stuck with my diet and maintained my weight loss until I could resume exercising. Being held accountable helped me stick to the diet, watching my body transform helped me stick to the exercising.

I completed the program in October of 2016 after reaching my goal of getting back to my high school weight. I went from 232 pounds to 176 pounds. I’ve had to make a lifestyle change to keep the weight off. I can’t go back to the way I ate in the past, and exercise is a must now! My advice to anyone looking to shed the weight and keep it off; Cardio and water, water, and more water! Lastly, make eating better a lifestyle change, and you’re more likely to keep the weight off!

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Is there anything else you’d like to say to others who wants to lose weight like you?

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