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Moonlight Sins (de Vincent #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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MOONLIGHT SINS was gothic, creepy and insanely sexy!! At times I didn’t know what to make of it. It started off feeling like a scary paranormal story but as the plot thickened it turned out to be more of a suspenseful thriller that packed a mighty punch in the steam department. Having read only a couple of books by J. Lynn Armentrout that were outside of the LUX series, I forgot that she definitely knows how to deliver the sexy and then some. I found myself in need of an ice-cold shower after reading some of the steamier bits in the book. While the pace of this story was a little too slow for my liking, the suspense, mystery, and steam were what kept me fully vested in it.

Julia Hughes is leaving her home in Pennsylvania and her job as a nurse in a local hospital to move to New Orleans where she will be a live-in nurse in charge of caring for a young woman who is in some sort of comatose condition. On the night before her departure, her friends take her out to a bar to celebrate. She ends up meeting a devastatingly beautiful man who for some strange reason seems to be attracted to her. Julia decides for one night she’s going to be adventurous and bring this guy back to her place for a night of unadulterated pleasure. She has the most erotic night of her life but the two quickly part ways as this was only to be a one-night stand. Julia, however, can’t seem to get the man off her mind.

When Julia arrives at the lush estate of her new employer, she finds out their true identity. She had no idea that she would be caring for Madeline de Vincent. The de Vincent’s are known for being one of the wealthiest families in the U.S., and the three brothers, who are each insanely gorgeous, also are notorious for their debauchery. Endless amounts of scandals and tragedies follow this family wherever they go. When Julia has her first meeting with the de Vincent brothers, it’s as if she’s been punched in the gut because the man she had the romantic tryst with is standing in front of her. Lucian de Vincent is the youngest brother and wildly known for the countless number of women he’s seduced. Julia feels like she’s been played and is the biggest fool. But Lucian never meant for things to get out of hand with her. His intention was just to meet with her and make sure that she was the right person to be in charge of caring for his twin sister. From the moment he saw Julia, he couldn’t control the desire he was feeling for her.

For a big chunk of the story, they have a hate/love vibe going on between them. Julia believes that Lucian is nothing more than a flirtatious playboy who is out to make her one of his conquests and then will quickly be over her once he has his way. Lucian has other plans in mind for her. He is completely enraptured by Julia and tries his hardest to win her affections.

Aside from the romance building between Lucian and Julia, there is the recent suicide by Lucian’s father that is currently plaguing the brothers because the police have determined that it was murder and not suicide after all. The plot thickens more and it all surrounds Maddie de Vincent who mysteriously disappeared ten years ago, the night their mother died, and then all of a sudden resurfaces in some severe catatonic state. Unexplained deaths and mental instability make up the morbid family history of the de Vincents.

I have not been a huge fan of Jennifer’s writing, and when I got this ARC I hesitated for a second on reading it. But since I knew who sent it to me and I love her to death, I decided “why not?”

With that being said, this suspense romance is one that I am looking forward to the following books in the series. Knowing Jennifer’s diverse type of romance writing, my hesitation was present but I am glad I was able to get over it since I truly did enjoy this novel. As details go, this is a romance story that requires for you to actually, thoroughly read it since it can be confusing with the little, and very descriptive details Jennifer provides. What I can say about this romance is that is it one that should be anticipated by many of Jennifer’s readers/fans. The story plot itself is also another factor in which one should really appreciate and read.

The romance, the chemistry, the lust, the passion towards life that both Lucian and Julia have is one to really admire. I really hope we get more of their chemistry in the future books. They can both be described as two individuals, looking for a physical aspect of temptation but internally, craving the indulgence of emotional ties or connections. This book is filled with so much raw passion, one that many can say is just “smut,” but in reality, it is just the act of both individuals (fictional or not) wanting the pure angst of being in contact with a soul individual who wants the same thing.

Overall, this was indeed a love story that I do not regret reading at all. When it comes down to finding out the truth about yourself, both from yourself or coming from someone else, I found this novel appealing for an audience that seeks the thrill of a dark romance. Thank you to Kristen and also AVON publishing for a chance at reading this ARC. I cannot wait to meet Jennifer in the summer and let her know how much I loved her novel and how excited I am for the next books in the series to come.

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