[PDF] From the Grave (The Arcana Chronicles #6) by Kresley Cole

From the Grave Kresley Cole PDF Free Download

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I feel like the answer to the Jack or Aric question should be obvious to Evie by now. Seriously, girl needs to take a second listen to Sol’s story and realize it’s remarkably similar to what she’s going through with her loves. AND he provided the solution of her dilemma in it.

Aric and Jack already like each other, and they both love her. Give them enough time, remove the thought from each of their heads that the other is a rival, and boom! Happy poly relationship. Ok, so maybe Jack and Aric can’t have a physical relationship (probably) due to Death’s touch, and Deveraux can’t fall in love a second time, but dammit, there’s more than one kind of love! They already like each other as people, get along swimmingly and balance each other out. They want to protect Evie (and can I just take a moment to say that I love that we have a strong female character who’s not physically strong and is easily beaten without her Empress powers? Adore it!), the best way to do that is together.

Let the men bond some more, let them develop love and affection for each other outside of their shared love for Evie (which has already begun, what with Jack being Aric’s only real friend and Jack’s little thrill every time Aric compliments him), let them stop seeing the other as the one who can take their family from them, and let them realize the other is part of that family. Give the baby two daddies and a mommy that love him (and maybe a little sibling with Jack’s dark hair) and then let them beat the game with their ragtag bunch of Arcana allies.

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From the Grave Kresley Cole PDF Free Download

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