[PDF] He Owns My Heart (Owned Heart, Body, & Soul #1) by Evie Drae

He Owns My Heart Evie Drae PDF Free Download

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This is only my second Drae book but I’ve easily slipped into an Evie groove. They have such an incredibly clear and bright voice it seems to shine straight through the pages like sunbeams. Some may find the lengthy content warnings excessive or complain about the constant consent reassurances…but that person isn’t me. Despite whatever scene is unraveling or the sliver of history that’s being unveiled, I felt comforted. I believe that is simply from the abundance of kindness radiating from Drae. I gravitate towards authors that make me feel good from what I know of them and what creations they deliver. An author once called one of my reviews despicable and no matter how much glitter there is in the world, I have no desire to read his books anymore. So when I was having a rough day and Evie took the time to send me a virtual hug, it meant a lot to me. And it’s not just me, check out their twitter feed! Drae is the essence of kindhearted and extremely considerate…and it flows into the pages. Even with some of the darker elements included in this story, there’s no denying the tenderness throughout. All that aside, Landon and Toby held me rapt from the beginning and left me swooning and smiling by the end. Great author, great guys, and a great story? Yes, please!

What’s to like: Okay, so this is like kinky pretty wow-man with a twist. Landon needs an escape and a heavy dose of pleasure. He thought his dreams were coming true only to discover he was walking in a nightmare. Coming out of the closet slammed doors with his family and then to make matters worse he’s mortified to find out his reality show relationship was a sham. Calling an escort service is completely out of character for him but he needs to forget, even if it’s only for the night. But when Toby walks into the seedy motel room he’s struck by a bolt of passion and a ray of hope…there’s no chance Landon will ever forget this man or this night. I’ve read plenty of rent boy stories before but this particular case was a first for me. I think this is why consent was such a persistent occurrence. You’ll see what I mean when you understand why Toby is in the situation he’s in. This is one of those, you’ll have to figure out firsthand details.

What’s to love: Without a doubt, the heart of this tale lies with the characters. Landon and his adorable nerves not only charmed Toby but I was smitten as well. Toby and his glowing spirit quickly stole Landon’s heart and a piece of mine. Bit by bit we catch pieces of both men and I was astounded by their strength and perseverance. Landon has lived a life with chains until recently. He may have been ‘free’ but it was purely an illusion. On the other hand, Toby’s shackles are hidden in plain sight. Yet when their worlds collide, everything shifts. They both desire entanglement for the first time. Bonds tease but are forbidden to bind. Maybe someday they will be free to love one another but that day is not today. Or…is it?? They dabble with BDSM but with tenderfeet. Landon’s bestie is bound to make an impression…Steffon is fabulously unforgettable! Impossible predicaments toss roadblock after roadblock. And all the while I was desperate for the rescue I knew was coming!

Beware of: First impressions, first experiences, and love at first night. Numbers, either birthdays or bank accounts, are insignificant. And a sweetness paired with ample spice that will keep your pulse racing but your heart light.

This book is for: If you’re seeking a story full of hope, devotion, and love this second chance at life tale is bound to fulfill those desires…and more.

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He Owns My Heart Evie Drae PDF Free Download

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