[PDF] Jinx’s Fantasy (Goddess Isles #5.2) by Pepper Winters

Jinx's Fantasy Pepper Winters PDF Free Download

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I really liked this book, it was continuing the story of Sully and Jinx which I just can’t seem to get enough of. But also introducing or bringing back some of Pepper Winters other characters. I haven’t read all of her books so it is certainly wetting my appetite for those books. This one included references to Q and Tess (Monsters in the Dark series) but also included Elder and Tasmin (Dollar Series). Elder runs a boat building business and was the one that built the yacht for Sully and Jinx.

Pika and Skittles, the two parrots also came along on the cruise. They always seem to add a little bit extra to the stories and make it so easy to picture the paradise Sully and Jinx live in, whether it be on an island or on a mega yacht.

We also got another chance to see Jess and Cal who live on the island with Sully and Jinx. Cal used to be the security specialist on Goddess Isles when they were in business and now is Sully’s number two guy. Jess used to be a “Goddess”, meaning she was owned by Sully and served the men in Euphoria. Now she is free and married to Cal. There was a side story about Jess and Cal, which I wish went a bit further at the end of the book, but aside from that, this novella was terrific!

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Jinx's Fantasy Pepper Winters PDF Free Download

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