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4 In Good Hands Stars ⭐

“Soon-to-be three-year-olds didn’t obey as well as submissive adults.”

Running a corporate empire while single handedly raising a 3 year old demon spawn is no easy job. Clearly out of his depth, Edward Delamore takes a chance by hiring an inexperienced nanny.

Peyton spent many years raising his younger sister. After appearing on a radio segment to discuss his experience, he’s baffled as to why someone would offer him a nanny position without qualifications. But for an exorbitant amount of money being offered, Peyton could be anything you wanted.

Edward has no intentions of hitting on his now assistant/nanny even if he is tempted. Capable of restraining himself, surely he can keep it together? Except when Peyton begins showing signs of interest, Edward dares to go there. Even if he must disclose his particular tastes…

I lifted my brows. “Are you implying that I’m old, Peyton?”

“No.” He smiled sweetly, a little too sweetly. “You’re…seasoned?”

I huffed a chuckle, enjoying his firecracker attitude. I didn’t get to experience it often. At another time in my life, playful submissives had been my heroin.

Going out on a limb, Edward offers Peyton an arrangement. One that allows him to renege at any time. The kind that enables them to explore a new dynamic of kink and light BDSM. All he needs to do is ‘Just Sign Here’. Oh, and Edward would prefer to be called daddy.

“This one would between you and me,” I said. “A set of…requests, if you will. Rules.”

“Rules,” he stated quietly.

I smiled faintly. “I think you can guess I have some unconventional interests.”

Cara Dee is utterly wicked. From her sense of humour that always peaks through, to the smoking foreplay and sex scenes she provides us; her stories are alive. Just Sign Here was outlandish, sweet and deliciously filthy. I highly recommend.

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Just Sign Here Cara Dee PDF Free Download

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