[PDF] Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America by Ijeoma Oluo

Mediocre Ijeoma Oluo PDF Free Download

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Answering the question so many of us are asking these days—how did we get here?—by placing the final gasping days of white male dominance in the context of the deliberate political and economic steps taken throughout our history to shore up the so-called American dream for one narrow class at the expense of everyone else, and ultimately the country itself.

An intense and satisfying read–I love nonfiction like this. Sociopolitical analysis and examining societal issues through a specific lens is like food for my brain. Now, I went in agreeing with the thesis, so this went down easy for me. This will be a frustrating, uncomfortable read for those who don’t like the central idea: that white supremacy, specifically the mediocrity of white men, has lead to a legacy of oppressive and pervasive systems as well as many of our societal failures.

But I liked this lens for exploring aspects of American history, current politics, the feminism movement, higher education, football (yes!) and more. I learned a lot reading this book–specific stories from history that I didn’t know in the specifics, even if their implications were something I knew down in my gut. The book is intersectional–yes, white male mediocrity is the central thesis, but Oluo is very inclusive and covers a ton of ground, re: Black and POC women vs. whiteness but also how all women are harmed by male supremacy, etc. and so forth. There’s a lot of nuance, including the ways white male supremacy is a lie for and in turn hurts white men.

Recommended as brain food if the thesis interests you. I would have happily read more, honestly!

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Mediocre Ijeoma Oluo PDF Free Download

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