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First, this is my favorite trope: boss/assistant workplace romance. Then you add in Adam Maxwell and you undisputedly have the total package.

Adam is one of the top sport’s agents in Los Angeles and he got there with the assistance of his faithful employee and assistant A.J. (Adrienne). They have worked together without a ripple for five years and no one knows Adam better than A.J. No one can speak to him the way she does. No one can calm him down like she does. She can read his mind before he speaks. They are that in sync. Then the Palm Beach weekend happens, and the rest is history. If I say too much, I will give away spoilers, so you must find out yourself what happens in Palm Beach. (smile)

Adam Maxwell checks all my boxes. Gorgeous (check), rich (check), intelligent (check), funny (check) cocky (check), caring (check) and a champion in the bedroom. What starts out innocently between Adam and A.J. with some harmless flirting when they never crossed the line before turns into a scorcher. Boy they are combustible and the sex scenes intense.

I loved the camaraderie ship between the hero and heroine. A. J. had already become invaluable to Adam in business so it was beautiful to see them cross over to become lovers.

I highly recommend this book. I would give it six stars if I could. It was that good.

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Reckless Stella Rhys PDF Free Download

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