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Safecracker Ryan Wick PDF Free Download

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In this wicked debut, safecracker Michael Maven must pull off the most dangerous theft of his long career―or his friends and family will be killed.

Safecracker Michael Maven’s latest job should be simple: steal a rare coin from a New York apartment. Then the coin’s owner comes home with a beautiful woman. So he hides. Then she murders him. So he hides a bit better. Then she tries to take the coin herself, which is the last straw. While Maven narrowly escapes being killed himself, he’s then coerced by her boss, a sadistic drug lord, into a far more complicated, far more dangerous job.

If Maven fails to crack the safe of a rival cartel boss in Miami, his friends and family will die. If he succeeds, they still might. Which means he not only has to somehow pull off an impossible heist, but also outwit two crime bosses as well as the woman, his reluctant new partner.

Safecracker is fast-paced, has tons of action, and it’s cinematic in the most appealing way: Maven owns an old movie theater that he uses to launder his money.

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Safecracker Ryan Wick PDF Free Download

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