[PDF] Secret (Betrothed #9) by Penelope Sky

Secret Penelope Sky PDF Free Download

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‘Secret’ is the ninth book of the ‘betrothed’ series by the best selling author Penelope Sky. This book is the second book of Heath and Catalina and is told in dual perspectives.

I have read pretty much all of the books of Penelope Sky and somehow she always manages to surprise me with these amazing characters and storylines!! I am so obsessed with her.

Heath and Catalina are perfect for each other in every way! This book picked up where the last one ended and I was so glad to again see these two characters. Catalina saves Heath’s Life and now both of them are in a delima. Each storyline of the book is interconnected, and in the usual penelope-sky style she also gives us glimpses of other characters in her books. I won’t reveal much about this book’s storyline, as that would ruin your fun. You all need to go in this book blind.

This book is recommended to all the dark Romance lovers out there !! This series is amazing and a must read for all!

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Secret Penelope Sky PDF Free Download

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