[PDF] The Initiation (The 4 Horsemen #1) by Elena Monroe

The Initiation Elena Monroe PDF Free Download

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The Initiation is the first book in the 4 Horsemen series and follows Grimm (Death) and Abigail. This is a Dark Romance with strong secret society and cult vibes. As this is a Dark romance there is some content warning for anxiety, addiction, mentions of animal cruelty and attempted sexual assault.

I love Elena’s writing I always find her books easy to read/follow and I love getting lost in these worlds she creates. The Cult vibes and elements in this story were probably my favourite parts. They were well written and kept me invested in the story and wanting more. They had those mysterious and sinister elements that this book promises and I’m hoping with each new book that they get explored more and are even darker and grittier.

The beginning of the book was a little slow for my liking and it took me longer to get into the story than I would’ve liked and as much as I did end up enjoying this story I found it very hard to connect with either Abigail or Grimm. They had chemistry and their steamy scenes had a lot of fire and passion but the flow and development of their relationship was something that didn’t work for me. It was a lot of hot and cold, push and pull, give and take which is something that doesn’t bother me but everytime I thought they (mainly Grimm) were going to admit that their relationship and feelings were more serious than just replacing one addiction for another it would turn cold again and this made it hard for me to really invest in them as a couple.

I understand both characters had difficult pasts that bled into their present and were affecting their actions but I wish that even these events had been explored more. A lot of Grimm’s issues were explored and heavily influenced the story but it also felt repetitive. I would’ve loved more of Abigail’s past explored, which it was but I wanted more of it as it would’ve helped connect more to her and understand why she was so quick to accept Grimm in all his dark and twisted glory.

Another major part of Elena’s story telling that I love is her ability to write secondary characters. Before the story was even over I found myself craving the stories of the other 3 horsemen as they all had qualities that intrigued me and I’m very excited to see what comes next and how the story plays out as a whole.

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The Initiation Elena Monroe PDF Free Download

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