The inter-provincial group tours resumed from July 14th

Over the last weekend, a bullet train with around 200 tourists departed from Shanghai South Railway Station for Lanxi City in the adjacent Zhejiang Province. 

In China, this was the first cross-province tourism train service after inter-provincial group tours were stopped temporarily due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. The inter-provincial group tours resumed their services from July 14.

This two-day trip was launched in collaboration with the China Railway Shanghai Group and Lanxi City government, indicating the fast track recovery of the Yangtze River Delta tourism.

The group tour took the enthusiasts to the Zhuge Bagua Village, where they experienced the magic of bagua, or Eight Diagrams (a symmetry and conservation theory in Taoism), and to witness the beauty of Zhiyan Ancient Village in Lanxi.

The group said, all 200 slots for the proposed trip were sold out instantly after the launch. 

“I was concerned about stepping out for travel for a long time after the coronavirus epidemic wanes in China, but the green light from authorities gives me confidence to walk out and appreciate the beauty of the nation again,” said a tourist surnamed Sun.

Temperature was measured to all travelers and health QR code checked before they took part. Also, they had to wear masks and use one set of chopsticks to take food from communal dishes.

“The operation of the train service accelerates the revitalization of the regional tourism industry,” said Li Li, Deputy General Manager of the Shanghai Railway International Travel Service Co Ltd.

She explained that in the coming days, frequent regular high-speed and bullet tourism trains combining rail, tourism and agriculture are in the process of development.

Signs of tourism recovery have been seen after the cross-province group tours were resumed.

The average occupancy rate of hotels of Huazhu Group, one of the biggest multi-brand hotel chain management groups in China has hit 80 percent approximately since the resumption of services. It was over 85 percent in places like Hangzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai and Chengdu, the group stated.  Most are guests making short-distance trips from nearby cities.

The combined effect of summer vacation tourism and the resumption of cross-province group tours has considerably improved average occupancy rate, the group highlighted.

Some of the hotels like Wuzhen Water Town, Shanghai Disney Resort and Chimelong Tourist Resort are booked completely, and there is a huge rise of orders from families with children recently, Huazhu said.

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