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The Ship of the Dead (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #3) by Rick Riordan

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Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead PDF – Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead Epub – Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead Read Online

Am I okay? Or am I dying because of the feels? Am I reborn in Valhalla? Those are all great questions.

I didn’t read this book, I inhaled it. Seriously. This book was read in less than a day, that’s simply how good it was. I couldn’t put it down, I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

I loved every single character in this book, and I think what I liked the most was knowing all the stories behind Mallory, T.J. and Gunderson, it was just so meaningful. Those three aren’t really present until this book, but you learn to love them in just the little time you get to have them.

I’m so happy this book took place during Ramadan because it is so important to have representation, it matters. Seeing Samirah fasting, doing her prayers, breaking her fast with dates, focusing on her emotions, it was simply amazing.

My small son Maggie, my Mango, my Magnus, I’m so proud of him, this little shit nearly made me cry several times but I love him and of course he’s forgiven. I think it’s the book you get to really see who Magnus actually is : a healer. That’s truly the essence of his being. Magnus is best at healing people, making them feel whole again, important and loved. But being a healer sometimes means you forget about yourself, how amazing and valuable you are . . . you forgot about the greatness there is within you, that’s also Magnus. Magnus who fell in love with the most amazing person ever, I’ve named Alex Fierro.

Alex Fierro is a force of nature, that’s truly the best way you can describe her. She’s little but fierce, ready to cut your head off — yeah that’s not a joke, she’ll do it. She’s probably one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever read about, the complexity behind her character is phenomenal. She’s transgender, gender-fluid, our favourite latinx queen, and ready to kick your butt if you dare calling her by the wrong pronouns — especially when she takes the time to tell you which one to use, you punk.

Uncle Rick is truly a good ally. That is something you cannot take away from him. He’s respectful of all the different cultures there are out there, and seriously I could cry just because of that. We do not deserve Rick Riordan. We do not. Rick Riordan decided to write diverse characters because that’s the way the world is, and he doesn’t ask to be praised for that. He’s just doing his job has an extremely talented author.

Thank you Uncle Rick, you’re so loved.

Magnus Chase and The Ship of the Dead Read Online