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The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks

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All the stars!!

It was the cover that first caught my eye. I loved it. And after reading the description for this novel, I couldn’t wait to read it.

As the book opens, a woman is unaware that someone is watching her. That someone is out to ruin her.

“She is oblivious to what I have done to her”

NELLIE can’t talk about the night that began with drinks and laughter, but ended with police and despair.

But now Nellie feels safe with Richard. He helps to keep the nightmares at bay. Richard is loving, caring, and protective. He has impeccable manners and seems to fit in anywhere and with anyone. Her friends and her mother wonder if he’s too good to be true….

“Her mother didn’t get it. Richard fixed everything. She’d be safe with him no matter where they lived”

But lately Nellie has been getting strange phone calls and sometimes it seems like she’s being followed. Richard tells her not to worry, but it’s starting to make her anxious.

Nellie had come to New York to escape.

She loves her job at The Learning Ladder. It’s where she met her best friend, Samantha. She enjoys working with preschoolers, although it can be hard dealing with their insufferable parents. They love to ask personal questions, like where she’s from. But Nellie is careful not to reveal too much about her past.

What happened to make her leave Florida? What is Nellie hiding?

Nellie doesn’t know very much about Richard’s ex. Just that they split up before he met Nellie. Richard really is the best thing that ever happened to Nellie.

“She’d always regret certain decisions in her life, but choosing Richard would never be one of them”

VANESSA is living at her aunt’s house. Morning is the worst time of the day because for a moment she can forget, but then reality comes crashing down around her. She imagines Richard and her replacement and what they are doing at that moment. Her aunt believes that Vanessa is the victim in all of this. But Vanessa wonders what her aunt would think if she knew the truth…if she knew what Vanessa had done.

She wonders if she’ll ever have peace….

“My regret is an open wound”

Vanessa now works as a sales associate at Saks. She waits on the wealthy women that she used to lunch with. Richard got the house, the cars, the money…everything. It’s like he wants to erase their relationship, to pretend like she never existed.

“I entered the marriage with nothing. I hadn’t worked. I hadn’t borne him children. I’d been deceitful. I hadn’t been a good wife”

It’s so easy to make assumptions. I was positive I knew what was going on but I was so wrong.

Like the book says…

“Assume nothing”

Who is telling the truth? Who can be trusted?

At first I found the beginning a little slow, but then I realized that the authors were trying to set the scene by giving some background. It wasn’t long before I was pulled into the story and the lives of these characters. I was so sure I knew where things were headed. I was in shock at the first twist, confused and thinking I read something wrong or missed a page. It was so unexpected ….but I loved it. I really appreciate when a story is able to blindside me like that.

“The Wife Between Us” is a twisted and complex psychological suspense novel. A story about marriage, friendship, betrayal, manipulation, obsession and more. A fast-paced and addictive novel that held my interest from start to finish. This story kept me on my toes guessing right up until the very end. I honestly can’t wait to read more from Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.

This is without doubt a tense psychological thriller that makes a impact. It has you wondering if what you were reading was for real, and re-reading to check. It has you questioning what you think you know and where nothing is as it seems. Vanessa Thompson is a divorced woman who is barely managing to keep herself together and her days off from her job at Saks endanger her employment. She exists in a alcoholic haze, the wine bottles in her home attest to this. Vanessa used to be married to the wealthy Richard, a good looking hedge fund manager. The end of her marriage has left her floundering as she wonders about the effects of fertility medication, her failure to be the ideal wife, and haunted by events that happened to her when she was at college.

What pierces Vanessa’s alcoholic haze is the shocking news that Richard is planning to remarry. Something she has no intention of letting happen as she embarks on a crusade. She must protect the intended wife, she must not undergo what Vanesssa suffered. However, is Vanessa to be relied upon? And why should another woman believe her? The narrative is delivered from the perspective of the main characters. This is a story with huge twists and a compelling storyline. It dissects the anatomy and complexities of a marriage, the lies, the secrets, the manipulation and the betrayals. Whilst you may have to occasionally suspend your disbelief, this is nevertheless a book that will grab your attention and never let go.

The Wife Between Us is a 2017 St. Martin’s Press publication.

Engrossing domestic thriller!

This book got such a tremendous response from my fellow GR friends, I shot it up to the top of my TBR list, ignoring my usual cautionary optimistic approach to well received popular books, because I just had a feeling this one would deliver.

Richard’s first wife, Vanessa, was dumped for a younger woman after many years of marriage. Gone were all the trappings of wealth she had enjoyed as she struggles to put her life back in order.

Forced to live with her aunt and take a job at Saks, Vanessa’s thinks obsessively about Richard’s new girlfriend, Nellie, while consuming large quantities of alcohol. When she inadvertently finds out that Richard plans to remarry, her fragile state of mind spirals out of control. The only thing she can think about is confronting Nellie for a face to face showdown.

Nellie, by all appearances, seems like a sweet girl, perhaps a bit naïve, completely smitten with her fiancé, Richard. She can’t wait to start her new, ‘dream come true’ life with her dashing, successful husband. But, she, too, may have a few dark secrets lurking in her past. But, unbeknownst to Nellie, she is being watched, even stalked by a woman whose driving force in life is to prevent her wedding from ever taking place.

The author did a fantastic job of doling out just the right amount of information at key intervals, subtly changing the dynamics of the story by giving the reader another possible angle to explore.

My initial impressions of the situation presented to me, morphs little by little, as pieces of the puzzle are slowly revealed. Once the entire jigsaw puzzle is complete, the picture staring back at me, looks nothing at all like what I was expecting.

This story has a few surprises I never saw coming. The only minor let down was that the plot had a few similarities to another book I’d read just a few weeks ago, which deflated the balloon a little, but not too much, because it didn’t become obvious until I was already very deep into the book.

The truth is, the author kept me guessing and on my toes pretty much from start to finish. I was a bit conflicted about the final turn of the screw. I usually love all that added relish on top, but lately those late minute plot twists are becoming all too common, making them more tiresome than anything else and falling flat, as a result. In this case, the story could have ended quite satisfactorily without that final revelation, but I suppose, since it was a complete shock to me, I must grudgingly concede my approval for sneaking that one by me completely undetected.

Overall, I’m not sure I was as blown away by this one as my contemporaries, but this is a very solid, highly entertaining domestic thriller, and is certainly worth checking out.

4 stars

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