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Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe #2) by Neal Shusterman

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Book Reviews:

Despite that I didn’t enjoy Thunderhead EXACTLY as much as Scythe, I feel the book itself is nearly flawless and one of the greatest YA books on the market. This story is too well-written for me to be comfortable giving it any less of a rating.

A very satisfying sequel!! I didn’t enjoy Thunderhead AS MUCH as Scythe (It is a TOUGH book to follow up) but it was still a great novel!!

I definitely enjoyed seeing how the world of the Scythedom expanded after the conclusion of Scythe. Conflicts deepen, the Scythe divides even further, and there are even more questions introduced on how the Scythedom should be conducted! Also, there is a lot of political intrigue added in the sequel, which I thoroughly enjoyed. As my favorite part of book one was the world, I’m very pleased with how it has continued to develop through the sequel.

Thunderhead introduces a new main character named Grayson into the story who we follow through some previously uncharted territory. While I grew to like Grayson by the end, I wasn’t overjoyed by his introduction to the story. I did not care for him nearly as much as Citra and Rowan and I felt his presence overtook much of the story. I understand the need for his perspective in providing insight on other parts of the story ARC, but it wasn’t my favorite element.

Finally, the ending was PHENOMENAL. I cannot begin to speculate on how book three will move forward with all of the events that happened within the last few chapters of the book. A seriously well done ending with some fantastic cliffhangers. The ending absolutely made up for some of my lesser-favorite parts of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed Thunderhead. There is definitely a bit of “second-book syndrome” going on, but overall a good sequel. I would totally recommend continuing with this series if you enjoyed Scythe!!

First of all – that cover . . . beautiful! It is one of my favorite covers of the past few years. An improvement on the cover of the first book – and that cover was pretty awesome, too. This cover makes you want to read this book even if you have no idea what the book is about. In this case you can judge a book by its cover!

A fantastic continuation of the story from book one; I would have to say it is even better than the first. The author has done a great job of carrying the story over, keeping it fresh, keeping it creative, and not losing any momentum. With that in mind, I can easily say this is one of the best sequels I have ever read. (i.e. Empire Strikes Back is to Star Wars: A New Hope as Thunderhead is to Scythe).

I am trying to come up with other positive adjectives so I can describe this story. The suspense and action are perfect. So many questions answered and so many new ones to leave you hanging. Great pacing with no filler. The chapter breaks with thoughts from the Thunderhead are very HAL from 2001; insightful, thought provoking, and totally creepy. The climax and the ending – just WOW! Outstanding stuff all around.

If you read the first book, definitely read this one. If you haven’t read any of this series yet, why are you wasting your time reading my reviews and clicking around on Goodreads!?!? Get outta here! Go check this out ASAP!

its 2018, so can we just go ahead and put forth a movement that says cliffhangers qualify as cruel and unusual punishment!? i mean, i will start a petition and everything. whos with me??? because there is no way the ending to this should be legal. its the very essence of torture.

okay. now that i got that out of my system, lets talk about everything other than the last 30 pages. im pretty sure i am in the minority when i say that i didnt think this was better than scythe, but i didnt think it was worse either. if anything, i found them both to be quite equal and consistent, which i find to be rare in a series.

as with scythe, i thought the writing and storytelling was wonderful. the originality and creativity of this story was beyond phenomenal. i loved the new characters and visits from old ones. im so very excited to see how the series will continue.

if there was one thing i would change about this it would be rowans character arc. i was desperate for him to get some sort of break or absolution for having been dealt a crappy hand in the first book. i was pleading with everyone to see that the reason he is the way he is was because he was forcibly placed in a horrible environment and his behaviour is a product of needing to survive. i understand how the continuation of his unfortunate circumstances helped move the plot along, but goodness. the boy just needs some TLC in his life. is that too much to ask?! i swear, the next book better have rowan healthy and happy, or else i will start another petition.

so you better watch out, shusterman. lol.

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