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What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum

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Told from PoVs of David and Kit, What to Say Next, is a story of two teenagers who belong to different social circles. If David was the guy with almost no friends, Kit was a pretty girl who was quite popular in her school. After her father’s death, to stay away from the chatter of the school she found herself sharing lunch table with David. He provided her what she needed most at that time, the silence and no conversation about her dad’s death. Soon they became friends and they both realize that they were different from what they had thought them to be.

This book also represents the different family paradigms of David and Kit. David’s relationship with his parents was envious worthy, his devotion to his sister was inspiring, and they all understand his behaviour and supported him in overcoming his social phobia. On the other hand, Kit was going through a tough time after her father’s dad. It didn’t help that she discovered some secrets about her mother during this time that also strained their relationship more. She and her mother were coping with the death in their own way but this pushed them away from each other instead of bringing them together in this tough time.

There was a time when David’s personal diary was made public and what he wrote in there was presented in a way that almost destroyed David. But bullying didn’t stop there he also suffered the consequences of saving Kit from the fellow students. These two events made the book a much darker experience for me. I thought this was going to be a lighter read but this proved me wrong.

What I didn’t like about this book was Kit. She was annoying at times and near the end when everything was revealed, I didn’t like she used David. Even if she was going through a tough time instead of talking she threw this at David like a puzzle which he couldn’t help solving.

Other than that twist in the end, this was a cute read.

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